40 Over 40 Project

You might have come across the recent project that I started for women over 40 years of age. If you haven’t, this is a project where the spotlight is on women over forty, fifty, and beyond. We tell their inspiring stories of life experiences, wisdom, and beauty and we want to amplify it with photography. I want to tell their stories my way by documenting them in a series of unique photographs. I’ve teamed up with an outstanding hair and makeup artist to celebrate women in this project. Women who have flourished their own way when it has not always been fair, achieved notable success, and overcame formidable barriers at mid-life and beyond!

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If you know me, you know that I advocate rewriting the rules of success, breaking the misconceptions about gender and age. I love inspiring women, as well as men, through all stages of their lives, when I get that chance. I want you to rethink and reinvent your success. Reinvent it your way at the age of forty, fifty, and beyond! Why? Because you are at the age where you have an unbelievable experience and potential that you are not fully reaching. You have more wisdom now than in your twenties or even thirties.


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By sharing the stories of 40 incredible women over 40, I want to start a revolution. I want to “give permission” to many other women to become better advocates for themselves, express their worth, and share tangible, relatable advice that can support all women. I’ve created a page here on my site www.jasminephotography.com/40-over-40-project where you, my dear readers can share YOUR inspiring stories as well as nominate OTHER women for consideration. Please share your story. Do you know anyone who you would like to nominate for this project?

Just like Forbes’ many lists of Powerful and Famous people let’s make our very own 40 Over 40 list. Let’s break the barrier of ageism together, let’s empower each other and tell your story through photography. Being young is incredibly amazing and fun. It is equally incredible and amazing to be 40, 50, 60, and beyond.

"40 over 40 project"


I look forward to hearing your stories and am even more excited about capturing them.

much love


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