Branding Photography – The importance of it

I often get asked, what is Branding Photography? Let’s start with the obvious. It is not just your logo. In fact, the logo comes into play much later. Predominantly, branding Photography for any business owner is a gallery of photo and video visuals that helps them to promote themselves, be visible, and sell more of their products and services. In brief, every business providing some sort of product or service has to have visual content to market itself. And that, my friend, is called Branding Photography. Otherwise known as Business Headshot.

With this in mind, you need your branding photos to speak for you on your website, landing pages, email promotions, blogs, and printed marketing materials. Just like Dawn has done on her website www.scuseme.co.uk. She used the photos we took of her on multiple pages of her website and social media.

Personal Branding Photos in Use

"branding Headshot"     As soon as you look at the headshots you can instantly tell her personality. And that’s the power of personal branding photography.


Undeniably, the overwhelm of running a business is quite enough let alone thinking about creating visual content to post on a daily basis. Do you have the time to create visuals on a regular basis to be visible on social media? Is it only the social media that you need the visuals for? Do you agree that there is more to online visibility? Telling your story in your own words is your unique way to attract your customers.
“How you make people feel, and how you come across to others is what your brand represents. And how you come across in your photos is how you represent your brand”. Would you agree? I doubt AI can create images of yourself.

personal-brand-photographySo, if you are a new business owner and you need images that represent you I am here to help you. Even if you are a seasoned business owner, I can help you too. Hi, I am Jasmine. I’m a brand photography expert. In brief, I work with business owners just like you to create online visibility. I help you stand out from the crowd, and make your marketing easy and joyful. Reach out to me to book a chat with me. Let me help you create your marketing visuals. In addition to your business headshots, we will create material for your daily posts.

Summing up the first part of this blog, think about the keywords that relate to your brand. What are they? Until next week.

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