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"business rebranding photoshoot"


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When Emma approached me with the request to do her business rebranding photoshoot I was over the moon. She is one talented coach, scientist, published author, a fabulous woman. But above all, she is a coffee lover. Now, you can imagine how much fun the photo shoot was when there were two coffee lovers involved. No kidding! Endless giggles and funny stories made the time fly by.

Prior to the shoot, I visited Emma to discuss the colours and the vision board she put together to help me understand the mood she wanted to portray. I was also there to help her to choose the dresses and accessories for the shoot. This also helped me to know in advance how to prepare my studio for the photoshoot day. I loved the fact that she went on a separate shopping trip to find the dresses that were not just classic and elegant but also were of the colours representing her brand. I mean it, she was all about business rebranding.
We planned the day for 3 outfit changes. They were all designed for different purposes. Part of the shoot was planned to happen outside. Yet one thing none of us planned on was the winter winds. However, Emma was very brave and embraced the cold with the smile and the results are astonishing. She proved that she is tough and resilient just like her brand. Her image gallery of business rebranding photoshoot represents her business perfectly. Don’t believe me? Check the showreel yourselves.

If you are thinking of rebranding your business, yet you are not sure where to start from, get in touch with me. I’d love to help you with the process as well as create an image gallery that represents you and your brand. Your photograph is the virtual representation of you for your customers. Make a great headshot to impress them.

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