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She is a mother, wife, daughter, sister or just the best girlfriend. At some point in our lives, we earn one or more of these roles and carry it proudly feeling thankful, strong and beautiful. And when we are standing strong and beautiful we are powerful. My purpose as a Cambridge portrait studio photographer is to make sure that every woman is shining from within and feeling enough through my photography. Capturing a woman’s portrait is about the essence of inner beauty and strength, immortalising it and putting in front of everyone to be appreciated, adored and admired. Today we celebrate the beauty that we have been gifted with.

The portrait of a beautiful woman is more than just a photograph. It symbolises confidence, elegance, charm and grace.

This is Sarah – mother of 4 children, an incredible wife, doctor, but above all, she is a woman. Her photo shoot was all about her, celebrating herself as a beautiful woman and a goddess. What I captured was her real self – funny, self-confident and alluring. It was an absolute pleasure for me to have had the chance to photograph this woman.

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“My mum and my husband love my portraits. They both couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the photographs. It’s a pleasant feeling to see their reactions. Thank you.” – Sarah

This is exactly how her children see and remember her – beautiful, kind and strong.

If you are considering a photoshoot for yourself or your family, then contact me, Jasmine – your Cambridge portrait studio photographer, to create a custom photoshoot tailored to you specifically. Exist in photographs for your family or just for yourself. Celebrate your inner goddess. Choose the style that represents your personality – casual, sexy, glamorous or classic old Hollywood or all of the above. Let’s talk this through in more details. And if you want to see more of how others did it, then click here.


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