4 Christmas Gift Ideas to Concider

Every year buying gifts for family and close friends are becoming harder and harder for me. I don’t particularly find it easy to come up with gift ideas when I know they already own most of their favourite things anyway. I try to be original every festive season. This year I decided to go old-fashioned. And when I say old fashioned I immediately think of knitted scarves, something homemade or a bottle of liqueur. These are classic, for sure, and certainly, show that you have put some effort and thought. These gifts are time-tested and approved. That is why we should bring them back. Here are my 4 Christmas Gift Ideas to consider.


As a portrait photographer, this has to be the greatest gift that I can give to anyone. Every year, in November I plan my own family photo shoot. Then frame and gift these photographs to my parents. This is a gift of a lifetime and is guaranteed to make everyone emotional.
Another gift option (for book lovers mainly) is to choose a book cover you know the receiver will appreciate,  then pick up an affordable frame from Amazon and frame it. Voila!

Because these are already framed, all the receiver has to do is find a wall to hang it up.

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If you aren’t already showing up to parties with a bottle of wine, you need to change your game. It’s easy to get caught up in the thought that you might choose the wrong one. But put that fear aside and grab your favourite bottle. This is a great way to share something special about who you are about what makes you unique. Don’t have a favourite one? Read the label. It has all the information you need to know.

"christmas gift ideas"

I love candles. I have candles everywhere in my home. There is no evening without a lit candle, especially during the festive season. They spread so much serenity and romance and maybe this is why I think candles make the great gift. And if you are not sure about the scent, go fragrance-free.
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Now, you don’t have to spend a lot of time making something, but you have to have the love for cooking. Jam in a cute glass jar makes a great gift. Here you can find a very festive looking and tasting jam recipe. This is so easy to make. Don’t forget to label it and date it and cover the lid with a piece of gingham fabric.
If you think this isn’t your jam perhaps baking a small cake is a better option for you. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love a freshly home baked carrot cake or even red velvet? You’re guaranteed to be the new favourite person. Here is a classic carrot cake recipe for you to try.
"christmas gift ideas"
This is only a very small selection of my most favourite gift ideas. Let’s say this is Vol. 1. Perhaps to be continued next year. If you have really good ideas please share them with me. Send me an email here and I’ll make sure I’ll add that in the next blog post.
Love, laughter and light

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