Family Christmas Photoshoot

"family shoot"
"family Christmas photoshoot""Wandlebury family photography""family photoshoot""family Christmas photoshoot""family portrait photoshoot""family Christmas photoshoot"A family Christmas photoshoot that involves little people and a dog is bound to be full of cuteness, giggles as well as tears. Helena came across my ad on my events page on my website and reached out straight away to book a date for her own family Christmas photoshoot. She was slightly worried that I might not take her on board for this photo shoot as her children were very young. Little did she know that for me the Christmas photoshoot is ALL about family and children and memories we create together. Although this wasn’t your traditional Christmas photoshoot that involved lights and sledges this was still a perfect and memorable photoshoot for them as well as for myself. Capturing those moments when they are showing their real, authentic selves without shame is important and necessary as well.

Choosing the location

When Wandlebury Park was one of the options for this outdoor photoshoot without a doubt I picked this. There was no better open beautiful as well as a safe space than this historic park. Wandlebury Country Park is a place where Helena and her family often visit. This is a place where they especially visit at Christmas time and have long walks in the park. It is almost a tradition that they have to have a slice of cake at the end of, what may seem like for little ones, a very long walk.

That day was a perfect day. The clear blue sky and the sun beaming from above wasn’t your ordinary November sky. And the boys turned up looking perfect as well. Vests and bow ties and finishing the look with wellie boots they looked dapper. I loved every second spent with them talking, giggling and also hearing their funny stories, seeing them taking the lead to walk the dog and do running competitions. It was a great day in Wandlebury.

What about you?

If you still want to book your family Christmas photoshoot with me it’s not late at all. And it doesn’t have to be casual and outdoor in the park as Helena wanted. I would love to have you in my studio where you can dress up and put your best shoes on. Drop me a line using this form and I will get back to you to book a date that works for you. Don’t delay it and let’s personalise your photo shoot today.

Love and Laughter
Jasmine x

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