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I was born and raised in the era when film photography was on the full boom. I clearly remember when I would walk into a photo atelier and choose a roll or two of my favourite Fuji or Portra film. Now, not to get too much into technicals my main choices would be Fuji 200 and Fuji 400h because I loved the colour tones they created. I knew these were perfect for creating art indoors as well as outdoors without making too many changes. Film photography was and still is when I slow down when capturing the moment, the art in history.

The young photographer in me loved being behind the camera as well as in front of the camera. Being able to capture a moment that will be evidence to remember that day after a month or even in 10 years was exciting for me. It was equally exciting to look through magazines and silently study the beautiful models gracing the glossy pages. Then I would utilize this when I was in front of the camera. Then I had to wait. Wait until the developing was done and I was able to see the images in negative. The excitement was out of the roof. Every single time.

Now I shoot both analog as well as digital. These both have their own place in my life and not only mine. I know many photographers who are hybrid photographers just like me and wouldn’t change anything. There is something about the film though, that you can’t get with digital. It is the sense of fun and excitement that makes the wait so worth it. It’s the process of photographing on film and the thought that goes into each frame before capturing it. Until you get the scans from your professional lab. Not only do I trust Carmencita Film Lab but also excited to have them so close to me. They are based in Spain and they are so easy to send my film negatives to.

These images are the ones I took of my children while we were on holiday in Spain. Despite the challenges we were facing, these photographs made my heart skip a beat. I am certain that I have captured another unforgettable summer for my family.

If you are looking for a photographer who can capture memories for you get in touch with me. I love photographing people in any season and in any occasion. Book your experience with me. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’d love to hear from you about where and when would you like to be photographed.


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