The Importance Of Printed Photos vs Digital Photos

"printed photos""printed photos"


We all know the endless discussions about this will never reach its final conclusion. The importance of printed photos vs digital photos? Some professional photographers still don’t like the idea of giving a client a digital version of images from their session. Often they fear that their professional work will be printed in a general, consumer-level lab. Which then, of course, can cause not so great quality and compromised muddled colours. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to ask your photographer to print your images professionally ready to be displayed in your home.

However, I always give my clients digital images from their shoot. This way my clients are able to share their photos online with their friends instantly or use their headshots for their website or social media profile. When my clients ask for a CD though, I always remind them that it’s on its Last Leg and I offer USB drive instead. For now, they are reliable, yet I always suggest my clients save their gallery on cloud storage as well. I know the importance of digital files. They are simply an archive, the backup plan just in case something happens to the printed images. Digital files are nice and important to share on social media instantaneously until they become history after someone else’s image pops above yours within hours.

On the other hand, prints are tangibles, the real thing where you can enjoy it even under candlelight, holding them in your hands or seeing them on the walls. I highly recommend getting your prints printed professionally. But not only that. I encourage you to print even those photos that you took on your holiday. Those ones that you laugh uncontrollably because your kids have done something daft. Even everyday, ordinary moments that make you who you are.

I have been documenting my life and the life of my family since I was a teenager. Everything started with a film camera and slowly integrated into digital but never stopped shooting on analogue. I passionately document our life to this day. Not often I get my children’s approval but I still do it. I passionately invite people to book photo shoots with me and allow me to tell their story. Everyone is unique and we all have our story. We all deserve to tell about ourselves and our uniqueness.

I eat and breathe storytelling through photography. I see everyone’s beauty and charm. Photography allows me to capture the essence of the soul and immortalise it through print.

The Value

At first, everyone thinks of it as “just a click of the camera”. But it’s not. It’s the understanding the needs of the person, the knowledge and the years of experience. What others don’t see is the story, the captured moment or anything tangible after the click. The vision that the photographer has is not valued until they hold the prints in their hands.

Last month I was busy planning and printing three different galleries for my children. Summer memories and individual photo shoot with me resulted in a huge wall gallery. When the prints were framed and hanging on the wall we all spent hours looking at the images, giggling and remembering what happened when we stopped that moment. We touched them as if we could almost feel the emotions again. The value? The value is that my little humans exist in photos, they will keep looking at those images and remember the moment – how they giggled, hugged and stared at each other.

We all change, but we have tangibles that can take us back to remind us who we were and of the moments that made us who we are now. They also will be looked at by future generations of children and grandchildren who will only ever see the day through my photos.
How do YOU want to be remembered? Allow me to capture your inner beauty, the love in your eyes, the smile on your face enjoying your life. Because you are one in a million there is no one else like you in this world. Let me stop the moment and show you your real greatness.
So digital or print? Well, both! Professional portrait session or your own images, print them. Print them for your children! Print them for your parents. Printed images will remind them how important they are. It’ll prove that they are the greatest work of art. Fine art that will outlive all of us on this Earth.
Love, light and laughter

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