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2020 was supposed to be a monumental year. A fresh start for greater ambitions, greater successes, new connections, a creatively rich year, and stronger relationships. On the contrary, it turned out that we had to put all of that on hold and adjust to the new normal. For each person, this meant something different. And this is when everyone became creative. As for me, I started the isolation creation series inspired by so many other gifted artists.

We altered our way of life when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire world’s population. Change the way we think, act, and live our everyday lives. The global virus forced us into lockdown in our own homes. To be safe, we had to isolate ourselves from our own families. This was when we started to appreciate what we already had in our possession rather than wanting more things.

"teenager photoshoot"

How Lockdowm helped me

Apart from making up for the lost hours of sleep and relaxation, I made a daily commitment to myself while I was alone to make art. I assigned myself a task to create a portrait every day to keep myself busy, but above all, art was my escape and I needed to create. This was my response to a limited, locked lifestyle. I created a memory each day with the help of my children, my models, and my sources of inspiration. When they needed a break, I turned to the other beautiful things around me. I also created still life using flowers foraged during dog walks every evening. I never looked forward to dog walks until I realised there was more to them. The supplies were scarce, but this is when you become more creative and make things out of nothing. You make things work.

Isolation creation was, pretty much, releasing feelings and making art out of it. Although waking up in the morning without a plan of what we were going to create that day felt slightly chaotic, I soon solved that issue like it never existed. Inspiration was based on the emotions and feelings I would go through each day. I found that spending time alone in the studio definitely helped me put my thoughts together and start with the planning. If you are interested to see all of the #isolationcreation posts send me an email and I’ll share a link with you.
I’ve put all of the isolation creation images together in a video. You can see my beautiful and patient models, which in reality, weren’t so patient anyway. But they were a great sport and played an incredible role in creating these portraits. I’m grateful for having them.
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Isolation Creation

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