What is a Luxury Experience for you?

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Recently, I was watching a TV programme about luxury cars and their owners. Honestly, this interview was an eye-opener for me. The entire documentary was dedicated to the “why” of these people and the luxury lifestyle they chose to have. For them, it was all about the experience. So, here is my question to you: What is a luxury experience for you? How does it make you feel when you hear the verb luxury? What comes to mind first? Is it a pair of sassy Jimmy Choos or owning a yacht on the shores of Marbella? Or perhaps it is a romantic escape to the south of France with your best friend? A luxury experience is a different understanding for every person; it is a different concept.

The luxury experience is not a necessity; rather, it is a sumptuous and refined way of living, a feeling of elegance where you indulge in the living that you worked for and created.

There is one thing that is the same for all of us. It is how “luxury” makes us feel at that exact moment, for instance, positive emotions, confidence, comfort, and a sense of belonging—do you recognise them?

When it comes to luxury weddings, the brides want to share their best day in the best possible way—whether with lavish flowers, exclusive tableware, and vendors, or calm, minimal, and monochrome. Luxury is customer care of the highest standards, whatever your style is.

Luxury Portrait Experience

But for now, let’s talk about the whole luxury experience of a portrait photoshoot. Why do you choose to have official photos of you only when you are younger? And again, on your wedding day? As a child, our parents capture our childhood well, but when we are older we don’t seem to prioritise it. Well, this is something that I come across very often. And every time my question is, Don’t you want to be remembered at any other period of your life? Why not celebrate the other milestones in your life, create images worth owning, and look back at them with a smile? What if you turned thirty-five or sixty-five? Aren’t these important events?

How would we imagine the lives of our ancestors, if not the physical prints that have been passed on from generations? The stories that are preserved in one small print can be life-changing. Stories that make us go back in time and “live the past” now. Don’t you want to leave a legacy for your loved ones? How would you want to be remembered? How would you like to tell your story?

Let’s talk about it and analyse it. Book your 30-minute consultation with me over the phone or follow the steps HERE and I’ll get in touch with you personally. Let’syour legacy?

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PS These images were shot in the most magnificent English country house in Essex – Hatfield Place

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