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"intimate wedding""riverside garden"

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"the old bridge hotel"

They found love again when they were not searching! In between the lockdown chaos and cancelled plans they found the right moment and rearranged their wedding date. Rachel and Jose got married in The Old Bridge Hotel in Huntingdon. The intimate gathering was not exactly what they planning to have, but this was so much better than waiting until uncertain times. This was unusual happy times, for sure, yet everyone gathered was following the strict rules inside and outside the hotel.

Rachel was glowing unusually on her wedding day. Her smile was ethereal and her look – seemed like the angels have sprinkled some magic dust on her. Jose could not and would not stop admiring his bride. His smile from ear to ear was unmissable. All brides should have grooms like Jose who was ready to do anything to make his bride happy, starting from day one!

The staff of the Old Bridge Hotel in Huntingdon were ever so sweet and helpful. Not only they showed me around making sure I know where the hand sanitising stations were but also making sure that I know how to get in and out of the buildings. As the photographer of the day, they trusted me the small garden and the bar area where no one had access to – apart from the wedding party and myself. It was a secluded private garden with a river view. The 18th-century architecture and a riverside location made the cocktail hour session so much more romantic. It was so much easier to relax and focus on laughing, dancing and posing when there are no onlookers.

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