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painting and photography"female artist"painting and photography"female painter"

Meet Alexandra. She is a mother and wife before all. She is also a visual artist, curator, painter and colour lover. Her paintings scream of brighter colours, asking for attention. Alexandra is a painter of realism, always has been since she was in Chelsea College of Art studying Fine Art/Painting. And when she invited me to her studio the painting and photography concept was born. This is not your usual business headshot session. This is an artist’s headshot session taking place in her own studio where every brush is an important member.

Alex has countless numbers of awards, prizes, and exhibitions in her pocket as well as curated shows which always are very popular and successful. Always a step ahead of herself she loves planning her next exhibition, networking event and painting idea. Alex is also a published author and as you’d expect her every day is “fully booked”. As a woman artist, she is working double hard to get her voice and work seen and heard. Painting and photography was a photoshoot to show who Alexandra Baraitser really is, where she works and creates her art.

This was a shoot where we both learnt a lot from each other. It was a day when we show appreciation for each other’s art, passion and love. Being an artist can be a lonely profession so to support each other we must spend more time together. Making the time to network and talk about art is another form of relaxation, well at least for me anyway.

Alex has exhibitions in most prestigious museums and art colleges. Some of her works have recently been exhibited in Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge. Apart from exhibiting her works in the Cottages, they have also been showcased on their website. I couldn’t be happier when they featured 2 of my photographs on the artist’s profile. They were two photographs that we captured of Alex earlier in the year in her own studio.

Are you an artist or just an art lover? Do you feel inspired by this session? Send me a short message and let’s meet up to discuss how would you like to be photographed. Let’s talk about all the details up to the secondary colours and what to wear.

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