The photo shoot experience with Jasmine


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Ever wondered what it feels like having a photo shoot experience? Ever wondered what it looks like seeing yourself as the magazine cover girl in action? Or perhaps you wanted to know what it is like being a celebrity for a day? It is, by far, the most wonderful experience you can gift yourself. This is one day when you will be taken care of like royalty. Hair, nails, makeup, wardrobe, guided photoshoot, edited images, heirloom prints and fun, laughter all in one place. The results are always beautiful, full of soul and memorable; and without a doubt, gorgeous images that you will cherish forever.

At this moment in your life do you wish you had done more things or said things differently? I certainly do. But one thing for sure, I want to make more memories, experiences and connections. But most importantly, achieve more height as in my personal life as well as in the business. Capturing my life experiences as I live my everyday life will be a reminder of myself later in my life, a reminder about those experiences and memories. I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of passing my stories (usually funny ones) on to the next generation.

A photo shoot experience with me, Jasmine doesn’t have to be for one person only. I always encourage you to come with your partner, mother or your best friend. Make this a celebration of your own self and your relationship with your close ones. As the saying goes “The more the merrier”. We all are happier when we share positive experiences with others when the bond grows stronger and stronger.

Let’s book a phone call where I can answer all your burning questions in details. Let’s discuss how we can create a photo shoot around your wants and needs. Don’t postpone it until after you change yourself. You are beautiful and worthy NOW! There is never a better time than NOW! What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back from treating the most important person in your life that is YOU?

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