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In our lifetime we all own portraits of ourselves at some point. Some are taken on our wedding day, and some are candid photos during a vacation or a night out with friends. But owning professionally taken portraits that are the actual representation of our real, inner selves is not something that we think about all the time. The thing is that owning portraits of yourself and loving how you look in them can bring more positivity to your life and certainly to your confidence. I think everyone can relate to this. And you certainly don’t have to wait until you are famous to then have your portraits taken professionally. I stylise and shoot portraits to look and make you feel like you are THE celebrity shooting for a magazine cover. The best part is that you don’t have to be famous or professional. That is my job to guide you and talk you through the details.
This is exactly what Evelina wanted. The experience of portrait photography in my studio. And she certainly got it. Not only herself but Bono as well who was the most well-behaved pooch was pampered to look and feel like a million pound. I like to call this “Grown-ups playing Dress-ups” luxury style.

Would you like to experience the same? Did you relate to any of these photos? Do you have a dog and want to get photographed with him? Let me know. It’ll be an honour to photograph you and your loved ones here in my portrait photography studio.
Send me an email or call me directly for a consultation where we can discuss all the wardrobe choices, make-up and styling details. As well as the details of the packages and what comes with it.

Meanwhile, check through the gallery to see some of my recent work.

Much love

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