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Are you looking for your perfect wedding photographer?
Now is the time for you to find that very professional who can document your happiest day. A day that you spent months or even years planning and organising. Not only that but also capture the precious moments when two souls unify and two families become one. Before I can start talking about what you should be looking out for in your ideal wedding photographer I have to point out the fact that photography is an art. So, that makes the photographers’ artists in love. Just imagine the delight on the wedding photographers’ face when they have the chance to give you the experience you deserve? I will always look for beautiful light, beautiful moments and capture them as authentical as possible going with the mood and feeling of the day so when you look back at the photos you don’t just remember how it looked like, but what it FELT like!

"professional wedding photographer"

"professional wedding photographer"

"professional wedding photographer"

There is something magical about the wedding day that no professional wedding photographer takes for granted. And to ensure that your months of planning hasn’t gone in vain and the experience with the photographer is what you were searching for, then:

Do your research:

Ask your girlfriends and relatives for recommendations, make a list of few photographers specialising in weddings and engagements. Is their style to your taste? Contact them and ask your own burning questions. If your friend or cousin had a great experience with a certain photographer’s services it doesn’t necessarily mean you will too. Look for a photographer who satisfies your aesthetic needs. I would highly suggest putting aesthetics first. The value of emotions is higher than any price tag. Search and follow them on the web, on Facebook and Instagram. Everyone posts their best work on social media which makes your decision making easy as a modern bride.


This is crucial. Don’t hold back and send an email to the photographer whose work stands out and is captivating your heart. Ask questions. A lot of question so you know everyone is on the same page. The more you ask, the more you’ll find out and be able to finalise your decisions. By asking questions you are not obliged to book the photographer.

The timeline:

One of the questions that you need to clarify with your photographer is how long it takes to photograph each section of the day. In the hustle and bustle of the planning, it is very easy to overlook this very point. But I’m sure together you can “draft” a timeline that is perfectly balanced allowing enough time for everything. If you are organising your wedding with a wedding planner, they should be able to provide you with the timeline of the day. This is something they need it as well to make sure they follow the timeline themselves.


This must be your main asset. You have worked hard enough for planning your perfect wedding day. so you must enjoy. This is the day when you have to let your hair down and party all night long. This is the day have to allow your photographer to take care of what he/she does best. The more you relax the more natural you will look at your final images. You might even not remember much from “the night before” until you see the photograph where you are partying hard! An experienced wedding photographer knows how to capture those moments. After all, all the vendors involved in your wedding day are as interested in making it memorable as you.

Learn to laugh or stress instead:

It’s important to understand and accept that things might and will go wrong. There is always one or two things that don’t happen as they were planned… your hired wedding car hasn’t arrived on time, the flower girl is scared to walk in front of you, the groom has forgotten his evening suit or the best man doesn’t arrive until before the ceremony. You have two choices – laugh and let it go or allow those things to ruin your day. Remember, that the day moves on and if the groom forgot his suit, it isn’t going to stop him to have fun. Besides, that will be another thing to remember for the rest of your lives.

From the photographer’s point of view:

As a professional wedding photographer, I’m happy to answer any questions my brides may have. I may not be a qualified planner, designer or even florist, but I have experienced nearly every glitch or mix-up during weddings. The key is to be flexible.
Before the actual wedding day, I schedule a meet-up with my brides and grooms. We discuss the engagement day, then the wedding day, the products they want and we even draw their wedding timeline. What happens after the wedding is equally important to talk through. These discussions are vital as they allow us to understand each others’ expectations, needs and wants. This is the first step to trusting each other. I’m certain that every professional wedding photographer goes through this process. Making time for gaining trust with clients, who in future also stay friends is key.

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