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Women in their fifties and sixties lose their natural courage and willingness to celebrate their age, beauty and wisdom. Well, most of the time. Quite often I’ll have lengthy conversations with women during consultations about the beauty and grace, and the advantages that come with the age. About how their families don’t even think about their age. Instead, they love and respect them unconditionally. Until I met Svetlana. She is a mother and a grandmother. She is a wife and a teacher, but above all, she is a fabulous woman. I had the honour and pleasure to get to know this lady on a personal level and what a treat it was for me as a photographer. Today’s studio portrait photography is all about her.

During her portrait session, we talked about everything. While she was having her hair and makeup done we talked about a lot. Everything started with her favourite colours, fashion sense and then how to cook meals every evening with her family.

A hopeless romantic at heart and lover of sensuality, needless to say, she was in awe with her photographs. The best compliment any photographer would like to hear comes from happy clients. After this incredible experience, we both had, I’m dying to encourage and invite even more women over sixty into my studio. Existing in photographs means creating your own legacy. Owning your printed photographs and displaying them in your home is a reminder for you and everyone else that you are worth a million.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s celebrate your beauty and wisdom. Everyone deserves this experience. Be it in studio portrait photography or outdoors it’s easy. A portrait session with me is an experience. We custom design to suit your wants and needs. Book with me to save the right date for your pamper day.

With love and gratitude,
Jasmine x


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