Wedding Anniversary | 15 years

Happy anniversary. I love you, my soul!

We met when we were just 19. Our first glance at each other was by an old and dusty entrance of a five-story building. Not the prettiest site I say. An intense second between us, a stare and we walked our ways away. Fast heartbeat, blurred mind and the scent I still can smell when I close my eyes. It became my most favourite, fine, adored scent. And to this day it is.

He lived in the United Kingdom, many miles away from each other we had only a few weeks in a year to spend together. It was hard but we made it work. LOVE for each other created ways to be together. And 15 years on, it is still going strong. The human being that I share my days with is my husband and my best friend, honest critic and my rock. We travelled to many places together, made new friends but there still are many more places and people we want to meet. We have a lifetime ahead of us together.


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love and gratitude



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